EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: “Control and debt collection “

“Control and debt collection “

In cooperation with Adizes South East Europe (ASEE), Training centre at INTERA Technology Park Mostar is organizing a seminar “Control and debt collection“. This event will be held on Thursday, 10 December2015 at INTERA Technology Park, conference room OSLO (1st floor).
The seminar will provide answers to the following questions:
·         How to systematically begin the process of debt collection?
·         Do you know the types of non-payers?
·         How to approach different types
·         How to avoid them shaking you off
·         How to reduce the risk of debt collection?
Target group:
Executives - sales managers
Goals of the seminar:
-          Encourage systematic monitoring of debt collection
-          Identify the characteristics of the employees who will be dealing with debt collection
-          Identify obstacles to debt collection
-          Learn how to negotiate with different types of people
Basic topics:
-          Standards of debt collection
-          Purpose of regular calls for debt collection
-          Characteristics of the person doing a good job collecting debts
-          Types of „non-payers“
-          Obstacles to debt collection
-          Steps in debt collection and conversation strategies
o   Preparing the call
o   Opening
o   How to avoid them shaking you off?
o   Establishing the facts
o   Negotiation
o   End of call
-          How to react in different situations, if:
o   it is paid in the meantime
o   it was promised to be paid
o   a “repeated offender“ is involved
o   it is a broken promise
o   it is the first time non-payment
o   it is partially paid
o   company is facing bankruptcy
o   company filed for bankruptcy
Lecturer: Goran Nedić, consultant and lecturer
Participation fee per participant: BAM 220.00 (+VAT).
Price includes:
-          Lectures by a professional ASEE consultant,
-          Written material for the programme,
-          Attendance sheet containing information for further contacts
-          Certificate
-          Lunch, coffee and refreshment during breaks
Please send your application (application form attached) to:
Contact person: Sanja Čolak (063/316-233)
Number of participants is limited. Paying the participation fee by Saturday, 5 December 2015 ensures your participation at the seminar!
Note: We offer a 20% discount if 5 employees from the same company register.
To learn more about Adizes Institute, please visit or
Interesting video available for your viewing - “What sort of managers do we need? Speaker Zvezdan Horvat, director of Adizes South East Europe. 
Please find attached the invitation letter with more details about the seminar and a registration form.
Invitation letter
Registration form

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