Seminar announcement: “Changes management”

Management of Changes

Training centre of the INTERA Technology Park Mostar, in cooperation with Adizes South East Europe (ASEE), is organizing a seminar titled "Changes management". It will be held on Wednesday, 16 March 2016 at INTERA Technology Park, Conference room OSLO (1st floor).
It is the most visited seminar about management in South Eastern Europe.
The seminar will provide answers to the following questions:
-        Are you aware of the importance of changes in the company?
-        What determines the success of the company?
-        Your employees do not like changes?
-        How much do companies need flexibility and controlling?
-        How to predict the quality of decisions?
-        How to lead the company in top form?
-        What determines vitality and viability of a business?
Target group:
The owners - directors - managers - department managers
The objectives of the seminar:
- Learn how to manage changes within the company
- To increase the probability of making good decisions
- Recognize the stages of the life cycle of companies
- Successful / more successfully conduct conversations with employees about changes, decision-making and the organization of work
Main topics:
  •          Management of change
  •          Resistance to change and overcome them
  •          How to predict the quality of the decision?
  •          Achieving results
  •          Administration
  •          The entrepreneurial role
  •          Integration
  •          Styles of good and bad management
  •          Conflict of styles
  •          The myth of the ideal manager
  •          Prediction of efficiency of decision
  •          The relation between jurisdiction and authority
  •          Responsibility
  •          The life cycles of companies - Stages of growth - The stages of aging
  •          Where is the power in the organization?
  •          Conflict of interest
  •          Mutual trust
  •          What determines the success of the company?
Lecturer is Boris Vukić who is founding partner of ASEE.
The registration fee per participant is 220,00 KM (+ VAT). The price includes:
- Expert lectures of ASEE consultant,
- Written materials that cover the programme,
- List of participants with data for further contacts,
- Certificate,
- Lunch, coffee and drink during breaks.
Please send a filled in application form (attached) via email to:
Contact person: Sanja Colak (063 / 316-233)
Number of participants is limited. Paying the participation fee by Friday, 11 March 2016, ensures your participation at the seminar!
Note: We offer a 20% discount if 5 employees from the same company register!
For more information about Adizes Institute, please visit and
Read an interesting  article on the topic - Problems in planning the sales. Author Goran Nedic, lecturer and consultant of ASEE.
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