Seminar announcement: "Family business – from a successful founder to a successful inheritor"

"Family business – from a successful founder to a successful inheritor"

Training centre of the INTERA Technology Park Mostar, in cooperation with Adizes South East Europe (ASEE), is organizing a seminar titled "Family business – from a successful founder to a successful inheritor". It will be held on Tuesday, 19 January 2016 at INTERA Technology Park, Conference room OSLO (1st floor).
The seminar will provide answers to the following questions:
- How to prepare and involve an inheritor into a business (should they be involved at all)?
- "What will I do if they take over company management"
- What is the " Prince Charles" syndrome?
- What is the position of non-family managers in a family businesses?
- What does business look like from the point of view of  a founder and the point of view of an inheritor?
- How to separate private life from professional life?
Target group:
Owners and company founders - family members involved in business enterprises - potential inheritors
Objectives of the seminar:
- Present basic elements of family business enterprises to founders and owners
- Raise awareness about the challenges when an inheritor enters the company
- Present possible and recommended steps in preparing founders, companies and potential inheritors for leadership transfer
Main topics:
  • Families, businesses, property
  • Founders and family trap
  • The willingness and ability of the founder to run a family enterprise
  • Difference between ownership and company management
  • Three concepts:
-Family comes first
-Business comes first
-Ownership comes first
  • Steps that a founder must make before leaving a company
  • Founder preparation
  • Preparation of enterprise
  • Preparation of inheritor
  • Family advice
  • Company that filed for bankruptcy
Lecturer at the seminar is Boris Vukić, founding partner and cofounder of ASEE.
Participation fee is BAM 220.00 (+ VAT). The price includes:
- Lectures by a professional ASEE consultant,
- Written material for the programme,
- List of participants with data for further contacts,
- Certificate
- Lunch, coffee and refreshment during breaks.
Please send your application (application form attached) to:
Contact person: Sanja Čolak (063/316-233)
Number of participants is limited. Paying the participation fee by Friday, 15 January 2016 ensures your participation at the seminar!
Note: We offer a 20% discount if 5 employees from the same company register.
For more information about Adizes Institute, please visit and
Read Boris Vukić’s interview on family companies.
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