Do you want to learn to work on real machines, or CAD/CAM software's?  

You do not have enough experience with ICT projects or business skills?

You do not know how you to protect your product / service?


Moja Praksa
This is an opportunity to work on real projects with real companies. Gain specific business knowledge through our workshops, which will be a major asset in the business world.
The programme includes trainings and gaining practical experience in the field of technology, methodology and programming skills while working on real projects.
Projects were developed and supervised by companies participating in the programme, which gives trainees the opportunity to learn about the real business environment and gain practical experience, establish business contacts, and gain the confidence to succeed on the labour market. Find more details here.
You will work in teams on projects with regional ICT companies. You will face the challenges of a real project, under the mentorship of a person from one the companies involved in the programme.
Companies will delegate mentors who will conduct technical trainings during a workshop or preparation for work on projects, and then lead teams for the duration of the programme.
You will gain knowledge of business skills you need to successfully complete a project and sell a product - project management, teamwork, presentation and communication skills, technical training.... 


Welcome to INTERA HTEC CNC Center - the most modern training centre in CNC production technologies in Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you want to acquire practical knowledge and skills in the development of models, technological preparation of the programme, and ultimately in operating CNC machines and thus increase your competitiveness on the labour market - INTERA HTEC is the right place for you. If you are planning to start or you already have a business in the field of machining, INTERA HTEC can help you build your existing and new human resources. We have information  about currently open positions in companies...


Operating CNC machines


Programming of CNC machines


CAD Design


Fast prototype

Want to become a better salesperson or a presenter? We provide excellent training in the field of business skills.

Today, when knowledge is readily available to everyone and when it is very easy to lose customers, we constantly need to invest in learning new and upgrading the existing skills. Whether you are a salesperson, a manager or a business owner, there is always room to make further progress and thus be a step ahead of the others.
Sign up for training in business skills at INTERA Technology Park, since all trainings are organized in a way to meet individual requirements and are carried out by experienced consulting companies.


Najnapredniji elektronski sadržaj za učenje o pravima intelektualne svojine za vaš biznis

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Reproduced and distributed under the auspices of

athene-logo Athene-Prosjektledelse AS, B&H Branch Office

IP PANORAMA was developed jointly by the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), the Korea Invention Promotion Association (KIPA), and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) under a project entitled, ‘The Joint Development of E-learning Content’ from 2004 to 2007.

IP PANORAMA 1: Značaj prava IS za MSP

  • IS je svuda oko nas.
  • Zašto je IS relevatna vašem malim i srednjim preduzećima?
  • IS kao poslovna imovina
  • Vrijednost sredstava IS-e
  • Revizija vaše IS-e

IP PANORAMA 2: Zaštitni znaci i industrijski dizajn

  • Zaštitni znakovi i industrijski dizajni povećavaju marketnšku moć
  • Osnivanje brenda
  • Kako zaštititi zaštitne znakove i industrijski dizajn
  • Raspolaganje zaštitnim znakom

IP PANORAMA 3: Pronalazak i patent

  • Osnove pronalaska i patenta
  • Prijava patenta
  • Povreda patenta
  • Sistem za upravljanje patentima

IP PANORAMA 4: Poslovne tajne

  • Osnove poslovnih tajni
  • Program za upravljanje poslovnim tajnama
  • Zloupotreba poslovne tajne
  • Povreda poslovne tajne
  • Revizija poslovne tajne

IP PANORAMA 5: Autorska i srodna prava

  • Osnove autorskog prava
  • Autorsko pravo i srodna prava
  • Vlasništvo nad autorskim pravom
  • Upotreba radova koji pripadaju drugima

IP PANORAMA 6: Informacije o patentu

  • Razumijevanje podataka o patentu
  • Vrste pretrage podataka o patentu
  • Pretraživanje podataka o patentu
  • Strateška upotreba podataka o patentu

IP PANORAMA 7: Licenciranje tehnologije u strateškom partnerstvu

  • Osnovni koncept licence
  • Pripremanje za licenciranje
  • Pregovaranje o licencnom ugovoru
  • Pregled licencenog ugovora
  • Upravljanje licencnim ugovorom

IP PANORAMA 8: IS u digitalnoj ekonomiji

  • IS & e-trgovina
  • Kreiranje veb sajta
  • Odabir imena za domen
  • Zaštita vašeg veb sajta

IP PANORAMA 9: IS i međunarodna trgovina

  • Važnost prava IS-e za izvoznike
  • Provjera slobode upotrebe
  • IS u međunarodnom delegiranju
  • Zaštita prava IS-e na izvoznom tržištu

IP PANORAMA 10: Revizija IS-e

  • Shvatanje revizije IS-e
  • Priprema za reviziju IS
  • Sprovođenje revizije IS-e
  • Praćenje revizije IS-e

IP PANORAMA 11: Vrednovanje IS-e

  • Mehanizmi vrijednovanja IS-e
  • Metode vrednovanja IS-e: pristup preko troškova
  • Metode vrednovanja IS-e: pristup preko tržišta
  • Metode vrednovanja IS-e: pristup preko prihoda
  • Metode vrednovanja IS-e: opcionalni pristup

IP PANORAMA 12: Licenciranje žiga

  • Iskorišćavanje žiga
  • Priprema za licenciranje
  • Licenciranje žiga
  • Upravljanje ugovorom o licenciranju žiga

This Product has been translated and reproduced with the prior express permission of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) the copyright owners of the original English version, which is available at As such, WIPO nor KIPO are liable or responsible for the accuracy or correctness of the translated version of the Product, as that liability or responsibility rests solely with Athene Prosjektledelse Bosnia and Herzegovina Branch Office

Copyright © Athene Prosjektledelse Bosnia and Herzegovina Branch Office (2013).

WIPO and KIPO own copyright in the original English language version. For more information on the Serbian -Bosnian - Croatian version contact: (Athene Prosjektledelse Bosnia and Herzegovina, Branch Office, Voždovačka br 3, 78 000 Banja Luka, email: