Office spaces


You need a comfortable business surrounding?

You are organizing  a seminar, conference, presentation or a workshop?

All in one place.

Are you looking for a comfortable business surrounding?

By creating a professional business environment in line with modern business standards, INTERA Technology Park provides a pleasant working atmosphere for dynamic, innovative and creative companies located in a building with modern interior and exterior, a spacious lobby and wide staircase.
What do we offer?
  • Single furnished offices ranging between 10 and 75 m2 (or combination tailored to your needs)All offices are air-conditioned and ventilated
  • All offices are air-conditioned and ventilated
  • Wideband (WiFi) Internet access, 100/100 Mbps
  • Use of meeting and presentation rooms (audio-visual equipment)
  • Free parking
  • Flexible working hours

You want to organize a seminar, conference, presentation, or a workshop?

All you need in one place – modern conference/meeting rooms equipped with multimedia equipment, parking and technical and organizational support.
Whether it is a business meeting or an international conference, do not hesitate to contact us and plan your next event at INTERA Technology Park.
Conference room

Conference room

Conference room EUROPA, 300 people (ground floor)
Presentation room

Presentation room

Conference room OSLO, 60 people (1. floor)
Conference room BOSTON, 40 people (2. floor)
Meeting room

Meeting room

POINT, 10 person (1. floor)
SPOT, 12 person (2. floor)
SPIN, 8 person (2. floor) 
IT  classroom

IT classroom

CODE, 16 PC computers (2. floor)
Lease of a conference room incorporates the use of the following equipment and items: 
  • Projectors
  • PC + presenter with laser pointer
  • Video-conferencing equipment (POLYCOM)
  • LED TV (diagonal 58'' / 147cm)
  • Smartboard panel (diagonal 87'' / 220cm)
  • Sound system (wireless microphones, mixtape, speakers)
  • Conference microphone system (for the Chairman and delegates)
  • Equipment for simultaneous translation
  • Flipchart
  • Smart wall paint - wall pad 
  • Stage (8 x 3m)
  • Rostrum
  • Armchairs for panel discussions
  • Registration desk
Other services to complete your event:
  • Professional translation 
  • Catering
  • Photographing and recording 
  • Hostesses
  • Decorating
Depending on the type of the event, furniture and equipment can be arranged as desired (U, T, O, or theatre shape).
All rooms are air-conditioned and ventilated with high ceilings and large windows.
Large lobby and business showroom for occasional breaks and receptions complements the pleasant atmosphere in the conference rooms. Another major asset is a large parking lot for participants of major events.
For any additional information please contact us at or tel/fax +387 36 327 972