Support for female entrepreneurship

Support programme to female enterpreneurship

INTERA Technology Park became a National contact point of European center for women and technology (ECWT) in January, 2016. It is non-profit organization registered in Norway and its activity is implemented through National contact points in 25 other countries. It is about European partnership which includes over 130 organizations and individuals who work hard to encourage engagement of women in the technology area.
ECWT is the leading platform for ensuring the gender dimension of the „Digital Agenda for Europe“ through finding ways and means for measurably and significantly increasing the number of girls and women in STEM and computing and integrating a critical mass of women in Europe in the design, research, innovation, production and use of ICT between 2010 and 2020. ECWT tries to raise awareness, inform and educate European public about attracting, recruiting and keeping girls and women in technology. Key priorities for ECWT include: politics and operations, research and effect measurement, research and development, spreading and communications and cultural content and everything mention through education, development and employment of work force, entrepreneurship and leadership. 

ModaMO KreARTiva

INTERA Technology Park starts with implementation of the project ModaMO KreARTiva. Project is designed for all creative women in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the aim of establishment of platforms which will gathered them and strenghten their position on domestic as well as  foreign markets. Through the project, initiative for networking of creative women will be launched, business meetings and workshops as well as the events for prezentations of their products will be organized. Joint promotion through unique web platform will be supported through the project, and products of women who are members of the network will be available in Concept Store.
Project is supported by U.S. Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

BOOST Global Innovation


Together with INTERA Technology Park, BOOST Global Innovation run a 3 years project for building up Innovation Centre INTERA Technology Park funding from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. One activity in this project is to offer the knowledge, network and inspiration to empower women to succeed in business.
Their projects on Women and Entrepreneurship aims at increasing women start-ups, increasing growth ambitions in women entrepreneurs and inspiring women to become business leaders.
These initiatives are probably more important now than ever. In the era of financial crisis when many people loose their jobs, generating new jobs, and particularly jobs in the propulsive technologies, is of great importance. Learning how to be competitive in international markets, with innovative ideas and tuning those ideas into viable commercial businesses, is the key factor.

EBRD BAS Western Balkans Women in Business


Founded by the European Union, Luxembourg, the EBRD Shareholder Special Fund and the Taiwan-EBRD Cooperation Fund.


What does the programme offer?
The programme "Women in Business" is designed to promote female enterpreneurship in the Western Balkans, allowing women access to financial resources and know-how. The EUR 20 million available for the programme, are intended to finance small and medium-size enterprises headed by women. 
The programme combines financing, technical assistance, risk mitigation strategies in the form of first-loss cover for local financial institutions, and business advisory services to support women-led SMEs. The first-loss cover is funded by the EBRD Shareholder Special Fund, while technical assistance and advisory services are jointly funded by the governments of Luxembourg and Sweden.
During the programme there are going to be a lot of workshops, courses and trainings for female entrepreneurs planning to start their own business, those in the process of registering their own business or established business owners. The workshops are conducted in Prijedor, Tuzla, Sarajevo, and Mostar.
Since the end of 2015, free diagnostic tool named Business lens is available on the web page Tool can help women entrepreneurs to find the answers on crucial questions about finance, business development and improvement of their own leadership and management skills.


Who can apply?
Startups or existing companies owned or managed by women. 




„Žene Ženama“, heterogeneous in its internal structure, is an organization recognizable by its experience and a lasting engagement in solving daily problems in complex male-female relations and various dimensions of empowerment and assistance to women in cross-border cooperation relations. Founded in 1997 it is an organization of women and for women. Therefore, all activities and programs are undertaken with a special emphasis on women – direct participants as well as direct and indirect beneficiaries. Žene Ženama is a membership based organization (currently there are 245 members).
Principles of work: team work, ensuring feminist principles in goals and principles of the organization, good dissemination of information, respecting differences, good communication, motivation and good will in the course of work, partnership, solidarity and transparency.


BH Women's initiative foundation


BH Women's initiative foundation is non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization which supports joint action of women's group, and, through social, economic and educational programs, stregthens women for active participation in tranformation of BH society in which they will have equal role in public and private everyday life. Aim of the foundation is to create fund for longterm support for women's non-governemantal organizations, women's non-formal groups and organizations which support women through their programs. Their mision is to encourage and support economic, social and educational program for women and encourage cooperation between civil, governmental and business sector through development of joint programs. Special emphasis is on programs of support for social entrepreneurship. Their donors network consists of foreign goverments like Switzerland and Italy as well as United Nation and BH ministries.

Federal Ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship and Crafts - The public tender for selection of beneficiaries of grants from the current transfers


Project number 9: Support to women enterpreneurs


Project goals:
Increased  and easier inclusion of women in entrepreneurship and job creation


Criteria for selection of the project:
Type of business; number of employees; increased employment; sources-financing system; orientation towards export; belonging to a group (people with disabilities, returnees); balanced regional development (unemployment rate); current incentives by the Federal Ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship and Crafts.


Small businesses, dominantly (51% or more) privately owned by women, with the exception of those whose primary activity is catering, tourism, trade, primary agriculture, healthcare, and freelance professions. All the beneficiaries must be located in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, at least 51% privately owned by citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and have at least one (1) employee on a permanent contract.



MI-BOSPO established the Network of Women in Business to improve economic situation in BiH, strengthen market position of businesses led by women, improve their results, and ensure better economic position of women entrepreneurs and their families in the society as a whole. MI-BOSPO works to identify obstacles and problems which women entrepreneurs in BiH often face, and support them in solving those through:
  • Education and development of business skills, organizing workshops for different types and levels of business development
  • Support in self-organization to achieve better conditions for launching their products on the market
  • Better opportunities for access to and use of financial services
  • Better conditions for business operations on local and higher levels of regulation
Project is financed by USAID with USD 1.5 million and MI-BOSPO also participates by providing funding of additional 10%. 



Programme titled mentoRING!,implemented by the Centre for Promotion of Civil Society since 2012, aims at connecting aspiring young women with women in the business world. The programme is designed as mentoring through which women exchange experience, knowledge and ideas in various meetings. Participants build confidence in each other through meetings, observation and training, as well as through planning of activities and plans for development. This is a challenge and an inspiration for young women to change their way of thinking and build a positive image of themselves as successful women who inspire others.
The programme is implemented through mentoring meetings over several days, weeks or months, depending on the agreement. During this time, mentored women spend time with mentors and learn about the business world. Mentoring days can be carried out in joint business meetings, interviews with mentor's associates, and informal gatherings.


Who can apply?
All adult women in Bosnia and Herzegovina looking for an opportunity to learn and advance their career, as well as women leaders. Women can register as a mentor or a mentee. Since 2015, men can also apply as mentors.

UN Fund for Gender Equality
UN Fund for Gender Equality was launched in 2009 with the aim of accelerating the implementation of commitments to gender equality worldwide. The Fund is considered to be the leading global grant mechanism, and by 2015 donated 56.5 million for funding 96 projects in 72 countries. The Fund was established with the aim of economic and political empowerment of women.
The Fund finances projects which provide equal opportunities for women for access to and use of economic resources, including land, real estate, technology, financial services, etc. Emphasis is placed on the promotion of women's sustainable entrepreneurship in accordance with national laws and international obligations.
Since 2009, the Fund opens a public call annually. Next call is expected in February 2016. Application for grant shall be made online through the application form on the official Web site of the Fund.


Who can apply?
Organizations with 50% of employed women that have worked on projects that promote female equality and entrepreneurship.