Adobe Photoshop

Being dedicated to training in graphic design, INTERA Training Hub also offers a Photoshop course.

Training plan and program

During this course consisting of 24 hours, participants master this popular tool and acquire skills that make them stand out from the competition in the labour market

During the course, the participants learn about the basic rules of graphic design, settings of computer tools that contribute to the quality of the design, but also tips and tricks of successful design. Practical part of the course allows for application of the new skills, so that the participants can create new designs for their portfolio and have it ready for presentation next time they receive an enquiry for a job.

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Edin Junuzović

With over 20 years of experience in graphic design, Edin Junuzović worked on various positions, from a DTP operator to art director. He has been using Adobe software package since 2000, and in recent years has worked as a lecturer and trainer in this field in numerous organisations. His areas of expertise are art direction, design editing, and desktop publishing applied to designing logos, brochures, advertisements, and packaging, and in printed and digital publishing. From promotional leaflets to cookbooks – Edin's works are easily found in various spheres of everyday life.

What the participants say about us

  • In recent years I attended many trainings, but Digital Marketing Masterclass stands out. This course is characterised by a perfect combination of theory and practice. While many trainings focus on theoretical knowledge only, Digital Marketing Masterclass allowed us to test our knowledge through practice. After completing this course, I feel ready and confident to start navigating through the world of SEO and Storytelling.
    Rijad Gosto
    Digital Marketing Masterclass attendee
  • I applied for the Graphic Design course in INTERA Technology Park in order to enhance my high school knowledge. As I am already aware of the quality and mode of work in various trainings organised by INTERA, I opted for Graphic Design to expand my practical and theoretical knowledge. Lecturers have years of experience and certainly make it easier for us, the attendees, and help us during lectures and during practical work. Every meeting with them is a new challenge bot in class, and at home. I learned more during a couple of trainings than in four years of graphic design in high school. While the school focuses on theory, training focuses on practice, and I am therefore certain to learn and improve my previous knowledge during classes.
    Andrea Perić
    Graphic Design course attendee
  • I tried to get the maximum benefit from the programme, something that will continue to be useful once the traineeship is over, and one of the most important things was the networking and the opportunity to talk to people who can definitely give some good advice. Next, we had really good trainings. Even though I had the opportunity to hear those things several times, on different occasions organised by other organisations, I always got something useful out of trainings in this programme. I was particularly impressed by the fact that we had plenty of room to express our creativity and work freely, without much interference by the company. We were trusted to create something new and different, starting from the scratch. And finally, I had the opportunity to lead a group of girls I haven’t met before. It’s a major responsibility, but also an opportunity to hone and improve one’s leadership skills.

    Šejla Čajdin
    trainee during the 10 th programme cycle
  • Participation in the Moja praksa programme was a wonderful experience. It was an opportunity to improve practical skills and acquire new knowledge and advance my communication skills during a series of instructive trainings. The most important outcome certainly is the fact that thanks to this traineeship I got a job. My recommendation to all young people is to participate in this programme.

    Semra Šendro
    trainee during the 9 th programme cycle
  • I am always open to new challenges and experiences, and the Moja praksa programme truly proved to be a major one. During the traineeship, I learned how to best get organised and achieve the goals I set. The project certainly was a big challenge, as I approached the task with the minimum knowledge, however, thanks to the consultation with professional mentors, I overcame all the hurdles and learned a lot. I think that the single most important thing I gained through this programme is the enhanced self-confidence and faith in my ability to learn new things and accept the tasks put before me not as problems, but as a type of learning and independent development. I know that the knowledge and experience acquired during the programme will help me with future jobs and in completing my studies.
    Jasmina Fejzić
    trainee during the 8th programme cycle
  • I attended my first training in INTERA TP 6 years ago, while still in university, and I have been an old customer ever since 😊. I recommend INTERA TP to everyone, because trainings, seminars, and conferences gave me knowledge and skills that higher education couldn’t, and gave me opportunity to apply for my first job. I believe that one must improve constantly, which is why I still occasionally attend trainings that can help me with my work. One of them is the Digital Marketing Masterclass, which particularly impressed me. I recommend it to anyone working in marketing or wishing to start their career in marketing!
    Tina Milićević
    Digital Marketing Masterclass attendee
  • I found the opportunity to learn about UX/UI design in INTERA TP. Working with experienced lecturers consisted of theoretical part, detail problem analysis, sketching, and practical assignments in working surroundings, and resulted in innovative ideas that can be implemented in order to improve user browsing on a web site or a mobile application. We reduced a number of options to simple use and designed solutions with practical purpose. This training merged interaction and visual design into one. INTERA TP operates ideally in connecting young people and their ideas with experts, and with continuous trainings contributes to the development of entrepreneurship for young people, makes them competitive in the labour market, facilitates meeting the right people and first jobs! I recommend anyone in search of professional development to apply for these courses.
    Samra Količić
    UX/UI course attendee
  • I just completed the graphic design course according to the program organised by INTERA Technology Park. The working atmosphere is very positive and relaxed. Our mentor Edin Junuzović is an exceptional and patient expert who facilitates learning and training. During the course we covered Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. Once the course is completed, we are not left to our own devices. I keep in touch with the lecturer and the staff and I am free to contact them in case I face a demanding task.
    Darko Pivić
    Graphic Design course attendee