Code Hub Mostar

What is Code Hub Mostar?

Code Hub Mostar is the first coworking space in Mostar, opened in 2018 within the CODE Project, co-financed from the European Union EFRR and IPA II funds. Users have at their disposal work stations, meeting rooms, conference call rooms and additional equipment, but additional amenities too, such as the kitchen, terraces, and mini libraries. Other than for work, Code Hub Mostar is ideal for organisation of various events, so cosy working atmosphere and endless opportunities for networking are complemented by traditional Code On Meetups, Fuckup Nights Mostar, workshops, trainings, movie nights, and Hub Quizzes.

How to become part of the coworking community in Mostar?

Becoming a part of the community with over 400 members is very easy – simply register on the official web page, accept the rules, and choose your ideal place of work. All members have access to the system through which they can connect with other members, learn what’s new, and apply for additional amenities. For additional enquiries, please contact the staff of the Code Hub Mostar on e-mail: or on social networks.

Become a member

Visit the official web site, register and visit the space that will be your regular stop when working.