Our desire is to include and activate every single “maker“ around us – which is why this is a place for all of you, “makers” in your heart and soul, passionate about making anything and everything!

Our innovation laboratory, or iLab, is a full-on maker-space intended for innovators, creative individuals, designers, hobbyists, basically, all enthusiasts in matters of technology and manufacture. iLab offers skills and advanced technologies for innovation, experimenting, exchange of ideas, but most of all – for making all things imaginable!

Resources of our innovation laboratory are intended to provide the following services:

  • Building a prototype – from individual parts to entire assemblies
  • Building conceptual solutions of a product, all the way to detailed technical models/drawings
  • Reversed engineering of parts and assemblies – from 3D scanning to digital reconstruction
  • Making parts or small series from a wide range of materials.

iLab is there for you if you are:

  • An innovator, a business person or simply an individual devising and working on something completely new
  • Designer, creative individual or a crafter in need of a machine or tool that you don’t have
  • A student of a technology faculty wishing to build a model as part of his/her assignment
  • From an already established company in need of building a special part or assembly

What’s available in iLab?

iLab offers a number of machines, devices, and tools for digital fabrication – 3D printers, 3D scanner, laser engraver/cutter, CNC router, even CNC metal processing machines. However, it also includes an arsenal of good old power tools and hand tools: ranging from a mini-lathe machine for metal and wood, to pillar drill, to milling machine, grinder, multi-tools, saws, to pliers, screwdrivers, rasps, and scalpels. Special set of equipment for projects in electronics can also be used – precise soldering irons, microcontrollers, and components. Our team also offers its experience and skills in developing your ideas and concepts, and in making the parts and their finalisation.

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Do you want to bring your innovative projects to life with the help of our tools or print your favorite Star Wars character? Welcome to our Fab Lab!