Business incubator

Looking for support to develop your idea?

If you have a business idea but don’t know how to make the first step to bring it to life, INTERA Technology Park can help. Through the Startup Academy programme, you will work with experienced trainers and mentors on the development of a business model, design of a marketing strategy, definition of key financial segments, preparation of a sales plan, and other details crucial for successful realization of a business idea. You can seek help on the mentoring platform, where INTERA Technology Park, with its partners, gathered regional experts in different fields.

Looking for an ideal place to work?

If you work in a startup company in search of an ideal place for work, INTERA Technology Park’s offices are here to answer all your needs. Startup companies in INTERA Technology Park have at their disposal modern offices, conference rooms, and presentation rooms. If you are in individual or a team, and are in search of a location downtown with a cozy working atmosphere and additional amenities, check out Code Hub Mostar, the first coworking space in downtown Mostar.