Moja praksa

What are the benefits for the trainees?

Intensive courses, practical work under the leadership of competent mentors and peer networking strengthen the trainees’ capacities, making them more competitive on the labour market and better prepared for working in challenging positions in companies.

What are the benefits for the companies?

This programme essentially makes things easier for the companies when selecting candidates, since high quality workers suitable for filling in vacant positions can be identified during several weeks of working with teams.

About the programme

The Moja praksa programme is primarily intended for young, highly educated unemployed young people, but also for final year students considering their future career while awaiting graduation. Over the course of three months, the programme offers a number of trainings that develop business skills, and practical work in teams, on projects developed by companies participating in the programme and tailored to their needs.

Through trainings on business skills, the trainees learn about team work, leadership, communication, job interview, and presentation skills. The soft skills mastered during the training are necessary for successful performance at work. These trainings contribute to the personal and professional development of young people who need to expand their knowledge and apply it in real-life situations at work so as to increase their competitiveness on the labour market and respond to the challenges ahead.

In the second part of the programme, the trainees split into teams and work on solving a specific assignment, applying the knowledge and skills acquired in workshops. The assignments are created by the companies involved in the programme according to their needs, so that their involvement brings them the significant benefit of having an issue solved. With the support of the mentors from the companies and the team of experts from INTERA Technology Park, the new teams spends several weeks working on their assignments, and gain specific professional experience. Teams present the successful results of their work to other trainees and company representatives during the diploma awarding ceremony.

INTERA Technology Park is particularly proud of the statistics that testify to the quality of the Moja praksa programme. So far, more than 1 000 candidates applied, and more than 500 young people completed the programme. Almost 50% of them got a job opportunity, mostly in the companies for which they worked during the traineeship.






Apply for participation

Whether you have a project task, you wish to share your knowledge with young people, or are looking for new recruits, this programme is the right choice for your company.

If you wish to apply your knowledge in practice, get your first work experience and meet colleagues and potential employers, you have found the right programme.

What the participants say about us

  • I am always open to new challenges and experiences, and the Moja praksa programme truly proved to be a major one. During the traineeship, I learned how to best get organised and achieve the goals I set. The project certainly was a big challenge, as I approached the task with the minimum knowledge, however, thanks to the consultation with professional mentors, I overcame all the hurdles and learned a lot. I think that the single most important thing I gained through this programme is the enhanced self-confidence and faith in my ability to learn new things and accept the tasks put before me not as problems, but as a type of learning and independent development. I know that the knowledge and experience acquired during the programme will help me with future jobs and in completing my studies.
    Jasmina Fejzić
    trainee during the 8th programme cycle
  • Participation in the Moja praksa programme was a wonderful experience. It was an opportunity to improve practical skills and acquire new knowledge and advance my communication skills during a series of instructive trainings. The most important outcome certainly is the fact that thanks to this traineeship I got a job. My recommendation to all young people is to participate in this programme.

    Semra Šendro
    trainee during the 9 th programme cycle
  • I tried to get the maximum benefit from the programme, something that will continue to be useful once the traineeship is over, and one of the most important things was the networking and the opportunity to talk to people who can definitely give some good advice. Next, we had really good trainings. Even though I had the opportunity to hear those things several times, on different occasions organised by other organisations, I always got something useful out of trainings in this programme. I was particularly impressed by the fact that we had plenty of room to express our creativity and work freely, without much interference by the company. We were trusted to create something new and different, starting from the scratch. And finally, I had the opportunity to lead a group of girls I haven’t met before. It’s a major responsibility, but also an opportunity to hone and improve one’s leadership skills.

    Šejla Čajdin
    trainee during the 10 th programme cycle