• Project goal is to strengthen the innovation potential of SMEs in the Danube Region in the field of material and materials technologies, to improve collaboration of SMEs with research, technology and innovation (RTI) in order to better transfer research and technology results in material sciences and technologies and lower the risks for SMEs in commercializing TRI, and to  improve the framework conditions and infrastructure for RTI transfer in a key technology area of strategic importance to the Danube region.
  • The MechChallenge Project is focused on promotion of technical culture and encouragement of innovation and strengthening of capacities of the students at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Computing and Electrical Engineering, University of Mostar, and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Džemal Bijedić University, through organisation of a practical competition for students, which will be preceded by months of working on the development of an innovative product utilising all the resources of the INTERA Technology Park’s innovation laboratory.
  • In October 2023, University of Mostar, INTERA Technology Park, and the Innovation Centre of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade began implementing the DigiMet Project, aimed at enabling and facilitating the use of advanced technologies in small and medium enterprises in the metal sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The DigiMet Project will result in better developed and implemented innovative solutions in advanced CAD engineering and simulation tools and diagnostic methods in small and medium enterprises in the metal sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina, researchers and companies trained in advanced CAD engineering, additive manufacturing technologies, and simulation tools and diagnostic methods, and in connecting of metal sector companies from BiH and Serbia.
  • The Foundation for Innovation and Technology Development started the implementation of the BOOST project with the aim of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in Bosnia and Herzegovina through the cooperation of the academic community and private sector. The BOOST project will result in an improved level of innovation and quality of products and services of small and medium-sized enterprises, strengthened capacities of academia and selected innovation hubs through support for the development of new services and cooperation with the business sector, and promoted cooperation and increased exchange of knowledge between the academic community and private sector.
  • Through a comprehensive workshop, a group of 50 talented young agricultural leaders (agripreneurs) are formed to partake in Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H) 21st century economic expansion. The program provides personal and professional development experiences enhancing leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation, and project management skills, building a strong peer network for generating success in agri-businesses and communities.