About us

INTERA Technology Park

The foundation for innovation and technological development or shorter INTERA is non-governmental organization established with the aim of encouraging and supporting the development of economic processes in the region of Herzegovina. The initiative for the establishment of the Foundation came from the business community of the city of Mostar. It was created as a result of the need for technological development and innovative projects and quality and educated workforce that will be competitive in the domestic and foreign markets. Activities to promote entrepreneurship, support and incubation of start-up companies, providing education, networking companies and academia - all expressed in two words is Technology Park.


  • Become a meeting point for local and foreign companies, a place of concentration of knowledge and ideas, exchange of information and encouraging local potential.


  • To help companies develop new products and services
  • To ensure a highly skilled and educated workforce
  • To raise awareness about new technologies
  • To open economy of the region Herzegovina to the world